Hi neighbor! James here, and if you are like me planning to purchase an air compressor, don’t buy just any but only the best value air compressor. I went online and visited goggle reviews of air compressors. I finally found the product I am looking for in Rolair FC2002 2HP Twin Stack with Overload Protection and Manual Reset.

Rolair Compressor comes from a factory that has 45 years of experience in building and designing compressors. Their goal was to produce the finest compressors known to mankind. Each unit sold by Rolair undergoes rigid testing before the shipment to correct any air leak defect, amp draw, compression, RPM, voltage and working pressure levels on various gas models. Trusting the quality of their product, Rolair grants one- year warranty to all of their compressors starting from the date of retail purchase or 18 months from the date of manufacturer, whichever occurs first.81dDdBlXgwL._SL1500_

Best air compressor

Great for home or professional use, Rolair HP Compressor is a classic tank design with a low amp draw, 2 HP motor for high output and consistent production. Rolair’s hot dog twin style tank holds a total of 4.3 gallons. Placed in the center is the tank handle for easy balancing every time the twin compressor is moved to different places. Although it weighs about 60 pounds but it is fairly easy to carry. Pumping out is about 4.1 CFM at 90 PSI and maxing out is at 125 PSI, the FC2002 .Rolair calls this model “the Bull” for running almost non-stop and being a rare 100% duty cycle, portable air compressor. Motor features manual overload protection for longevity and ball bearings for great durability. To hold longer oil viscosity more pump protection on unleveled surfaces, crankcase is oversized. Noise-wise, it is not loud enough to bother people in the house although it makes a little bit of sound. This really is the a rare gem as one of the air compressor for sale in the market.

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This best value air compressor has high output of 4.1CFM pump that is capable of running: (1) framing guns; (2) roofing guns; or (3) trim/finish guns. Compressor’s pump is oil-lubricated that is easily maintained. Equipped with cold-start valve, it is easy to start all year long. A manual reset option is provides protection for overloads. Its low-profile, stack tank design provides easy storage and portability. For the gadget to last longer, its mechanism has industrial grade ball bearings with a stainless steel reed valves. In case the tank topples, puncture damage is protected by the cast iron cylinders protect it from puncture damage. Pumps are made of splash-lubricated cast iron cylinder that ensures longer life. 12 oz reservoir-initial oil fill is included. There are safety features to keep the engine from being overuse to be able to serve you for years to come.

Product Dimensions: 20 in. x 15 in. x 17 in. Weight: 68 pounds Price: $249.00


Who will buy the product?

Every home must have this kind of compressor to include also small time contractors. Although it is a bit small to accomplish work for big construction but it is ideal should you decide to remodel your home. Recovery time is very quick so you should be able to move quickly through roofing and other nailing projects. Anyone who drives a vehicle should have this in case of tire issues in the road. Athletes can inflate in seconds any ball that lost air in court. For those who love to blow balloons, have an air handy by using this compressor.

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Why do you need an air compressor?

You cannot accomplish any job without the help of certain devices. What job you are doing may not be anything great; whether you are inflating the tires on an automobile or putting the final touches of your home project, air compressors are indispensable as they provide a high-pressure stream of air to assist with a wide range of tasks. You only have to attach your air tool to the hose for high impact drilling, stapling and even painting and you will have the job done in a couple of seconds. FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor is one air compressor with a protector overload as well as manual reset to suit any project or workspace. You can easily keep this tiny compressor that is rechargeable with a LED built-in light in the trunk for unexpected flats while travelling.  Any day soon, you will need a Rolair Compressor as your pneumatic brad nailer or hammer.


  • Established product quality and company reputation
  • Portable compressor
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to opera and maintain
  • Base is sturdy and hard to knock over
  • Able to run off of house power without compromising the breakers
  • Cost effective
  • Copper tubing for better heat dissipation
  • Strong handle
  • Multi-uses at home, in small businesses and other activities
  • Has one-year warranty


  • Comes without any accessory kit
  • Brass screw drain valve
  • Efficiency lacking in this twin hot dog compressors
  • Although it is portable but no wheels so it is heavy to carry
  • Quite expensive


Since we are all in the market for a good air compressor, you will agree with me that Rolair FC2002 2HP Processor is what we really need. First of all, it comes from a company that has long experience in giving its customers top performance and quality products. This processor lasts for quite a long time. It is not a gadget to be used on large jobs but for most other uses it is difficult find a better twin compressor on the market. Its size is not a problem as you can easily store or move around. Folks at home who are allergic to noise will surely appreciate its low performance. Its price is affordable that is within your budget. Compared against a top air compressor in the market, Rolair would give you a run for your money.


After years of serving people’s need for quality compressors, Rolair has earned a great reputation in this market. The product comes with a great standard warranty to help protect your purchase. It is a small engine packs that delivers a great punch! I am greatly satisfied with my unit and am sure you won’t regret getting one. The best value air compressor for me is compressor which boosts a manual reset and overloads protection.

Rolair has a wide array of electric or gas air compressor accessories to help you in your task at home or work. From simple home jobs to automotive projects, Rolair FC2002 2HP Twin Stack with Overload Protection and Manual Reset compressors are designed to get any job done. It is truly the best value air compressor!